New insights on Nineteenth Century History

Padua-Oxford doctoral workshop, Friday 25th of September, 2015


Palazzo Jonoch, Sala Bortolami

I session (9,30-12,30)

Chair: Carlotta Sorba

David Hopkin, Lacemakers -- Poverty, Religion and Gender in a Transnational Work Culture

Fedra Pizzato, The Origins of the Italians. Pre-Roman Archaeology and Nation Building in the late Nineteenth Century"

Christina de Bellaigue, "Work together to share the burden": Gender, Work and Family Culture in the Industrial Bourgeoisie, France 1830-1900

Enrico Francia, Patriotic Objects: Material Culture and Politics in the Italian Risorgimento

Discussant: Ilaria Porciani  


II session (14.30-18)

Chair: Giulia Albanese


Elena Bacchin, Patriots in the Bourbon prisons. A Collective Transnational Biography of the Risorgimento (1848-1870c)

Myrna Martin, Jews, Disease, and Urban Reality in Nineteenth-Century Italy

Ilaria Gasparotto, Missionary Ethnographic Collections in Italy (1885-1925). Genealogies and Museum Displays  

Jean-Michel Johnston, Social Networks and Shifting Perspectives: The Making of Werner Siemens

Discussant: Simon Levis Sullam

Posted on September 22, 2015 .